Monday, 12 July 2010

CHELTENHAM DUO, 10/07/2010

Third Sine Language Duo between David Grundy and Mark Anthony Whiteford. Pitville Studios (University of Gloucestershire), Cheltenham, 10th July 2010.

01 ‘from the white noise thicket’ (19:41)
02 ‘as if we fell from the sky’ (13:10 )
03 ‘when there’s no substance left at all’ (13:47)

This was the first section in an afternoon of group improvisation, which built up from duo to trio to quartet (and, subsequently, to a session with twenty-or-so members of the Cheltenham Improvisers’ Orchestra). Sections bled into one another, so it’s hard to pin-point when exactly one ‘piece’ ended and when another began – for instance, at the end of the duo, a third improviser turned up and started setting up (though not yet playing any music). In addition, the use of live-sampling means that fragments of different sections may turn up half an hour later, in a changed context (they may not even be recognizable from their origin) – so there’s a sense of continuity to things.

The duo took place in a much larger room than previously, and one with a big, echoing acoustic, which has some impact on the way it sounds. Once again voices, texts, play a role, particularly in the final part, where accordion and singing could be said to provide a marked contrast to the electronics – though they seem to me to emerge from the same territory, strange as that might seem.

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