Thursday, 1 July 2010

BRISTOL DUO, 16/06/2010

The first 'Sine Language' duo between David Grundy and Mark Anthony Whiteford. Private peformance at the Guide Hut (Jack Brimble Hall), St Werburghs, Bristol, 16th June 2010.

01 'Witches' (part 1) (36:29)
02 'Witches' (part 2) (30:36)

a continous piece, just over one hour long, broken down here into 2 parts. voice spoken word shouting and singing wailing/ poetry. reading from books. electronics. samples.archive sounds/music concrete. radio.percussion.tapes. alto saxophone. and maybe other things. (text - 'why witches' by xaviere gauthier)

03 'dedicated to bill dixon' (10:56)

a vocal piece made in the guide hut by david and mark. we discovered afterwards that bill dixon had died.

04 final piece (8:44)

a short vocal and percussion piece replete with girl guide lady interuption

(track descriptions by mark anthony whiteford)

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